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01-21-2013, 02:11 PM
first of all, anything works fine in pve, theres no challenge, only the occasional 1 shot to make it seem like there is challenge in stfs

but in pvp, of all the ship and captain combos, an eng scort is the worst. there should eventually come a time to every escort pilot were they figure out that simply trying to be a DPS hose with high pressure damage isn't getting them anywhere, and that their only useful function is to get a kill, and get it as quickly and efficiently as possible. this is also were the eng scort pilot realizes that he has hit a dead end. just being a really hard to kill escort actually accomplishes precociously nothing, because at the same time you arent any good at killing. a tanky escort is one of the easiest things to pull of anymore, with doffs and passives and the freedom from all ill effects APO gives, escorts have it easy in the staying alive game. until they stop or slow down.

an eng escort is NEVER going to kill something in less then 10 seconds, in the space of an alpha strike. thats as far as you have to go, it does not need to be expanded on beyond this, eng scort has failed on the launch pad. you can ether pull off a fast kill, or your just throwing damage into the cross healing ether, and accomplishing exactly nothing.
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