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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
When the General Manager decided to ignore the trolls, the role-playing craze on Drozana was quickly brought to an end. As a result of activist players discriminating against the practice, (harassing role-players with various snowballs, extinguishers, and standing in protest), the role-players on Drozana had no choice but to go into hiding.
Understandably, it's hard to define using social items in a social location as 'harassment'. Even though many who do it are specifically doing so to perturb RPers, I doubt the GM's can find reason to crack down on something that could theoretically be done by someone who just really enjoys the use of fire extinguishers on Drozana. As long as the disturbers aren't following players around, or barraging with private messages, it probably can't be formally defined as harassment.

It's like if some loud groups of hooligans decided to go to a local park that had previously been used for quiet reading and romantic picnics. Sure, the hooligans might have picked the park specifically to annoy people by playing loud games, but if the park itself doesn't have restrictions on [non-harassing] behavior, they have as much a right to be there as the annoyed parties. It's a shame that the location doesn't have the benefits it once did, and profoundly disappointing that some would make it their goal to spoil others' fun, but just standing on a bar and shooting smoke is still a 'valid' activity in STO.

Maybe the GM's could institute 'behavioral guidelines' for specific zones, but this would be rather irregular and hard to enforce. Even if they cracked down on following RPers from table to table and turned off party poppers, the disturbers would find a way to stand or jump all over the map and still ruin immersion. I think a good solution would be a foundry-created social map, so get on that tech, Cryptic!

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