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Why I need to ignore a game bug?

If you choose ignore, is your choice, my choice is report it to developers and post on the forum. I can respect your choice, can you respect mine?
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It's not a bug, you can't drop them because there's no way to reclaim them if you did.
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Humm.... Then we have 2 bugs!
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I found out reaching t4 is not enough to get the rewards. If you don't have the mission "Secret of the Ancients" in your progress bar you won't get the cutscene which hands out the huge rewards. So basically you play Power source, then you make sure the last room is cleared and saved 2 consoles from overloading, then play the cutscene by contacting D'Tan. Filing the report at the end hails Admiral Quinn who gives you the rewards (32k dil, 750 Rom marks, 60k expertise and 40k ec).

Edit: I forgot to mention that "Secret of the Ancients" is automatically given to you upon reaching t5 romulan reputation.
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OMG 3 Bugs!
At this point, it's abundantly clear that if the way the Reputation Tier Progression doesn't fit lordhook's playing style precisely, he will consider it a "bug".

A "bug" is an "unintentional" software error or peculiarity.

This situation where you have to play through the Tier cutscene missions once in order to "submit" progression reports (and stop them from showing up in your Mission Tracker) is an intentional design feature i.e. the devs WANT you to do them.

It's fine if you don't like the missions, but calling it a "bug" is merely shifting blame to (blameless) devs.

Play them and get over it already.

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