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01-21-2013, 03:52 PM
My point is not that "immersion" isn't important. the point is that there are MANY other things in this game that need fixing, that actually have an impact on how the game plays, not just how it looks.

That's what I mean by game play.
The UI bug that prevents people in both PVE and PVP content to not have powers fire when they are clicked. That affects game play.
The shuttle / ship UI bug. That affects anyone trying to do elite content in the game.

Immersion is indeed important, and IF the Devs have the time to fix MINOR visual glitches that a majority of the player base doesn't even notice, then YES, they should.

BUT , no , I cannot agree that they should dedicate Dev time to fixing these things BEFORE they fix actual game play issues.

I get that to you the immersion is everything. That's cool. But what you are all discussing here is appearance. The fact that your right primary buffer panel is offset 2 degrees on the model does not have any effect in the way the game plays. Only how it looks.

Plain and simple.
I agree. There is some really sloppy visual work in this game.
It would be nice if they had time to fix it.

BUT, I would rather that they actually fix things in the engine that are not working than the way that something looks.

I am sorry, but these very minor gripes about visual detail SHOULD , in my opinion, NEVER take precedent over actually fixing the way that the game plays.