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Originally Posted by emoejoe View Post
actually if u did fly cannons instead of how i play ud get this placate more. lame oh well
the placate from the shield is nothing compared to the tier 4 rep placate. the person with that passive needs only deal a crit, and they have like a 20% chance to cause a placate on the person they are shooting at, with an i think 12 second immunity afterward. its now possible to get inate crit chance near 20% without using any crtH mods on weapons, so basically anyone with this passive is causing this placate exactly every 12 seconds.

basically CRF from the passive haver = placate city, it makes dueling someone with it a complete farce. you cant see them and you cant see their incoming fire. 2 seconds out of your 10 second cannon attack is a loss of 20% of your damage dealing, maybe you end up throwing your torps or BO at something else when it switches you targets. not only does it make it extremely hard to deliver effective damage to someone, its another layor of tractor immunity. any over time ability you put on someone is instantly ended.

out of all the horrible things they have added, this is the worst. most of my builds could exploit the hell out of this with all my crit maxing, but i choose not to use it on principle
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