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# 1 MOBS?Just get rid of them
01-21-2013, 03:12 PM
I have come to the opinion that the entire ?enemy/friendly mob? concept is a bad one. It would be far better if we could just place individual characters and ships on the map with an advanced option to programs some of their data like shield strength, hit points, etc.

Also, combine mobs and contacts into a single item with what they do based upon selected (and changeable) behaviors.

This would alleviate a huge number of problems and be far easier for us to get what we want on screen without having to resort to ham-handed work-arounds that invariably fall short of the mark. I can think of no real advantage to the current way of doing things.

Old missions can be either converted by set criteria or allowed to stay as vestigial mobs that follow the old rules. Why continue down a wretched, pothole filled road when there is a nice paved one not far away?