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01-21-2013, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by marylenedrake View Post
... this game has bigger problems to deal with then some grafix-issue u need a magniyfying glass to even notice.

No magnifying glass required. It's quite obvious.

Originally Posted by marylenedrake View Post
You cannot know about my expectations or that of all the other players - how would you? Do not try to sound as if you would speak for the majority, you hardly get anyone agreeing to your viewpoint in your thread here... doesn't seem like many people share your ideas

I see that you are bothered with it a great deal - notice that you are just one of a very small minority with that issue.

Also calling the models 'terrible' is just LOL and makes it quite hard to even take you serious.

I'm not speaking for a majority here, and I never expected to - but to clarify, I am not speaking for a majority; I am bringing to Cryptic the attention that these disfigured ships deserve.

And, like kirahotomi stated...
Originally Posted by kirahitomi
...might I suggest your argument/opinion would probably have better reception if it was made in one the 8+ forum sections dedicated to gameplay and its various "bugs/features"? This is after all the Art section of the forums and 99.999% of the proceedings here are going to be about exactly that.
I agree with kirahitomi, this forum section is dedicated to alerting Cryptic about their artistic creations in this game, whether they be criticisms or compliments.

In this forum, I am hardly a minority. And as history has proven, minorities do get the attention of majorities.

And whatever problems you have with my wording is entirely not my responsibility or my doing. I don't have the power to make you consider these issues seriously, only you can do that.

Apparently though, it's serious enough for you to bother leaving a post. However, I'm not a troll, and I'm not interested in starting flame wars. Feel free to contribute your own ship flaws to this thread, I'm sure there are more ships out there needing attention. Eventually you'll see my point, and a lot of the ships in this game have quite obvious flaws that detract from the quality of this Star Trek game.

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