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Originally Posted by thratch1 View Post
If you say so. I actually brought up Destroyers a while ago, while Heretic decided to act smug and insulting, and then called me a "dancing jester", at which point I decided it wasn't really... worth arguing with him anymore.

I can forgive you not actually reading all the posts, though! That was a lot of awful internet arguing. Heretic wasn't trying to continue the argument, he was actually changing his constantly.
In the post I created before this one, I specifically colour-coded the sections of both you and hereticknight's conversations. You continued to defend your position and rant about his derogatory comments, while hereticknight moved on and got back on track with his position about having hybrid ships. I suggest you move on as well.

And while I did not read each post in-depth (yes, it was a lot of reading, and a lot off-topic), I did in fact read both yours and hereticknight's arguments about "Moar Escorts!" and "No, we have enough Escorts". As with any argument, when people have empathy, they do realize a different viewpoint and adjust their stances on topics. You can't freeze his opinions; they are his own, and he can adapt them to the current situation as he sees fit. And it's not wrong to do so either; it's showing a bit of care for the other person.

ANYWAYS... This thread is for the Three Year Anniversary Ship, so let's get on with that, shall we? Anyone like/dislike the Ambassador?

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