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01-21-2013, 05:18 PM
We did check and we?ve had NO ONE leave... we're not a huge mega fleet that has countless numbers of ppl coming and going. Everyone that has apply, and been accepted, has stayed. As for the video you're soooo concerned with, it was a TEST by one of our members to try out their hand at video editing. Their was NO star trek infinite space footage in it what-so-ever so i'm wondering if you're even talking about the same video.. but that's not the point. It was a TEST and wasn't made for you or your enjoyment. I'm not 'attacking' I'm stating a simple fact.

We're having problems with another fleet that wanted to merge with us "a few months back" since we're nearly T3 starbase and they were at T0. Their terms for this merge was they bring over their "eight" members and in exchange we had to drop our mirror theme, take their background story AND give them leadership status. We respectfully declined b/c we were not going to give anyone the ability to kick us out of our own fleet. Since then they have harassed us and I'm 100% sure that BLUEBEARD007, not blackbeard007, is just the latest attempt.

It was not my attention for you to think I'm "attacking" you. But this IS a great fleet with GREAT people and I will defend them. I'm sorry if you see that as "attacking" but we're not the ones that started this crap. I'm simply stating that if you don't like us this much or think we're not the fleet for you then why are you so concerned with posting here? Why not drop it and move on? you said your peace so there's no since in wasting your time... all you're doing now is keeping us on the main page...

And as of now, I'm done wasting my time. Any further post will simply be ignored pal. Although let me say I honestly do hope, if you haven't already, find a fleet that fits you and has a video to your liking...