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01-21-2013, 04:19 PM
I just built a new computer:

2 Nvidia GTX 460s (SLI)
Windows 7 Pro x64
Asus Motherboard Sabertooth z77
i7 3770-K Processor
16GB of 1600 Hz DD3 memory
10,000 RPM 6/gbs velocity raptor HD
Have used both 306.xx and 310.xx drivers and the issue remains
950 watt PSU
Running game on FULL graphics / maintains 60 FPS (limited) (except as listed below)

AND I STILL GET THE FPS LAG SPIKES. I know my computer is not anywhere close to uber, but it gets the job done very well on all my games with very little cost (since I have been building this computer for the last 2 years lol)

I notice it mostly on New Romulus and it only happens when I have certain enemies targeted. When I un-target them, it goes away. It does happen elsewhere like PvP as well. The ability that makes me lag spike is mostly the smoke grenades/shroud and again, it only happens when I have them targeted and they are using those abilities. If I don't have them targeted, no FPS lag spike at all. I am dropping to around 8 FPS when this happens.

I used to have this problem with the sci ground ability "Dampning Field" or the old ground toys "Ice Grenades" that you can throw at people while on social zones when they used to put you in a block of ice.

I also have the same lag spike with all the tholians when targeted in the underground ruins.

I know its not my system because I can get 100+ FPS almost everywhere if I wanted to. I limit the system to 60 FPS for monitor hertz reasons and to avoid "tearing" and such. I don't want to have to use vertical sync as its a graphics hog.

Seems like several patches ago it was better or it might even be the way the drivers are handling poor coding. But regardless, this needs to be fixed. Its almost like the coding for some effects are taking advantage of hardware acceleration.

I had an old program Cyberlink Powerdirector 9. When the new Nvidia 306.xx drivers came out, they broke the hardware acceleration for the program and the new drivers did something differently. Cyberlink refused to correct the problem in that version and I ended up buying the latest. The bug made it impossible to create videos in its current state. When you wanted to preview from your timeline, you couldn't want video for more than a couple of seconds and then the program would have to "render". The hardware acceleration was gone.

UPDATE: This seems to have something to do with the UI... For example if the enemy disapears behind a wall or invisiible wall that shields the UI above their head (clipping), the lag disapears. Don't know if this helps.

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