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01-21-2013, 05:23 PM
lol dam it kittymomo... they are still arguing....

Hmm how long till one concedes and the talk resumes?

I personally like the idea of more ships, I wish there was more to do but it's sand box at end game and we have to entertain ourselves. More ships may not help that. There is no balance in this game. Escorts beat cruisers and sci ships beat everything, cruisers are just their looking and asking "Which way did he go George? Which way did he go" (If anyone gets this awesome refernce you get two kittymomo brigade stickers and shoiuld consider yourself awesome

Anyhow. I wouldn't mind if they stopped focusing on ships for a bit and started focusing on things for the community. like warring events, or something gooey like romance or something. Heck i wouldn't mind going to star fleet academy to attend a class or two, make it an event or something. Or to conquer a planet or to join the secret cultic section 13 or 31 or whatever the hell it is... those guys creep me out!

Anyhow if we get another ship i'm cool beans with it, if not then meh I like my PE anyway.

So let's resume the talk and leave the chair tossing and table flipping at home gentlemen, Meor!