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01-21-2013, 06:05 PM
fleet nova

i think the best role for something like this would be to cause trouble to a healing network. with APO usability it can cause all sorts of speedy trouble.

4 beam arrays, fore and aft photon torp


EPtA1, EPtS2


skill points

KHG deflector
omega engine
maco shield

3 neutronium, or anything you want really

4 particle gen

zero point, borg, shockwave torp


2 damage control, 3 photonic studies, a mix of cooldown and on target trigering of a PSW

ALT- 2 damage control, 2 AP cooldown, 1 photonic cooldown doff

i see this as a high speed healing disruptor. APO with TBR can easily move some one far from team help and make them without support. a large number of shock waves present to kill running abilities like ES and TB from the ship itself and the PSW torp will keep ES turtleing at bay. if you get shot at, you have a VERY strong FBP3 buffed by APO, or APB and the 4 particle gens consoles. they also buff any damage you will cause from TBR and your PSW.
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