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01-21-2013, 05:08 PM
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Lag / connection issues are a sod to track down and can have many different causes.

Having said that, I understand the issue that the OP is talking about. I play a lot with my fleet and we use Teamspeak 3 s we know when we share a network issue. And we are in different continents, soa shared network problem is going to be located close to PWE infrastructure.

STF Lag: seen this and it seems to effect a single player in the match. It's very intermittent and I've often found another cause (windows update downloading, etc). This would be a problem that falls outside the control of PWE. Real server issues where several, if not all of us have been disconnected during the same match have occured, but have been very, very rare.

Unimatrix Rubberbanding: the exception to the above case. if you fly in close to a Unimatrix and strafe along it's length, you will get "Rubberbanding" in the centre. Basically pretending to be Luke attacking the Death Star. Because it is so consistent a problem and not limited to a single player, I would say this is game related in some form. Maybe something's to do with the model. What I do know is that I can pass the centre of a Unimatrix 5 or 6 times in a single pass. And it effect my fleet mates too. In both Borg encounters and Hive Enslaught.

Epohh Lag: We have noticed that sometimes a particular instance of New Romulus is laggy. The delay before the button appears to tag an Epohh, and the delay before the button recognises that you're spamming the F key. Through Teamspeak we are aware that when we get lagging it's effecting everyone in the team. And when we do the next run on an Alt, we make sure we are in a different instance and the problem tend to disappear. It doesn't appear to be related to the number of users in an instance.
The amount of lag is not huge, but when it happens you're likely to come under your 30 tags with a 2 man team. And you should be hitting 40.

Banking Lag: having written the above, it's gotten me thinking about lag when working with the bank. I know it can be bad when in the Academy, a heavily travelled ground instance. I'm now wondering how bad it has been in sector space and / or clusters and nebula. And what about Fleet bases?

Never had any noticeable lag in Winterwonderland.

In summary, lag in STF is usually nothing to do with PWE. Flying tight to a Unimatrix is the exception. Lag in New Romulus seems to be a PWE issue, but it's not huge or large enough to cause Rubberbanding. Lag with the Bank and/ or Exchange I assume is a PWE issue. Will keep an eye on where is worst. Will be spreading my usage out to different locations.
Nice to see that someone understands the bolded sentence rather than immediately pointing their finger at PWE and saying "I have a super duper expensive PC and a stupidly fast internet connection so it can't be MY problem!!!"
Lagging, D/Cing, or rubberbanding? Here's some help.

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