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Originally Posted by ocp001 View Post
DDIS I was wondering what you thought on using FAW3 these days. Particularly on a ship like the Regent or Excelsior with DBB to keep the damage focused in a cone. While I love the cannon builds I'm just finding that I can't crank out enough DPS to melt a ship in this era of fleet shields and placates.

Perhaps a 4 turret 4 DBB build with CRF 1 and FAW 3?

Your thoughts would be awesome.

FAW is so poisonously bad, that it nerfs the damage of any non beam you have equipped. theres a you tube video showing this, if you were to activate FAW, your turrets would deal less damage.

beam shot with FAW wont have over 75% acc, and it will target anything in its arc, lessening the damage you would do you your intended target vs just shooting at them unbuffed. fed cruisers are just terrible damage platforms, i cant outdo the builds i have posted for them. i did just yesterday update all of my builds in this thread though, take another look at the advanced fleet excelsior build. and then come to the red side, their cruisers are actually deadly.
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