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Originally Posted by arcanis161 View Post
I recently got rid of my Klink engi and got a new KDF Tac captain (I had no zen for more character slots, and I have never spent money on an online game, nor do I wish to start).

With my new tac, I got me a BoP and I'm loving it. However, I realize it does have a low hull value, and I am afraid that it wouldn't be the best ship for STFs. Thus, I am looking for a new ship to use in STFs. WHat do you guys recommend?

I can grind dilithium, so any regular or zen store ships are easily obtainable. I can get enough EC to get one of the mirror ships as well. Fleet ships (up to T3 shipyard) are no issue either. So, what would be the best ship for a tac captain for STFs?
What BoP are you referring to the starter ship if so wait a few lvls if not if this is the B'rel the strenght is fine just get to know to use it.the ship for a Kdf tac is a Raptor.
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