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disregard, this was fixed 1/14/13

originally tier 2 and 3 fleet ship shield mod analysis

if you remove all the skill points from the tier 2 shield skill, and have no deflectors or consoles equipped buffing that skill or anything, your tool tip and facing hp will not match on non tier 2/3 fleet ships like it would on any other ship.

no mater what shield my fleet ktinga and retrofit somraw had equipped, they had a flat extra amount of hitpoints. the ktinga had +1375, and the somraw had +1563. i have no idea why they gave these ships subpar shield mods, and gave them this extra flat chunk to make up for it. didn't mater if i used borg, omega, KHG, or literally any other shield, it all gave the exact same extra per shield.

per faceing-tooltip=extra






all i can take away from this is that the lower the listed shield mod is, the better the extra is. somraw had .65, ktinga .94. this isnt nessasarily a good thing though, these ships are still at a regen disadvantage.

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Just would like to add, that while the fleet versions of low tier ships do indeed get shield hps bonus, the native shield regen is cut according their shield modifier.

For example I have fleet nova and fleet nebula. I tested them in same setup with borg gear. The nova got a little higher borg shield hps, but the maximum natural shield regen was around 1400. The Nebula's around 2000.

So while it's true the capacity is higher on low cap shield, the potential for extra shield healing regen is greatly reduced.
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