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01-21-2013, 07:55 PM
BLUEbeard, you are just poking a bear that has already been poked. You may have nothing to do with the fleet they are talking about but there are clearly some harsh feelings over something that they need to resolve here. From your PM your pirate fleet didnt sound like the type of fleet I am looking for anyways. But, if these folks manage to work out there differences with the fleet they are talking about I would consider joining with them since Ive had more response from them than the other fleets in-game. I just dont want to get involved with a fleet that already has an enemy. Can one of you contact me in-game? I would like to learn more about what your fleet offers (thats honestly all i was saying about the video , wanted more info). I am very new so I would like a fleet that has experienced players to teach me more about the dynamics of the game. Hope the two of you work out your differences.