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01-21-2013, 06:57 PM
My Sci has a Peghqu' (the 1000-day ship) and a Kar'fi and whilst the Peghqu' is nice, I always find myself coming back to that strange, quirky carrier - quite simply, it's the single most unique and fun ship in the game.

Yes, it's a little squishy for a Sci but that just means you need to learn how to fly it and what to watch out for - I've flown it in Elite STFs and also in PvP - mine is loaded with Romulan Plasma DHCs and Turrets and it's just stupidly fun to play.

And everyone I've PvP'ed has hated it because - well, it's a monster - DHCs, suicidal S'kul fighters, TB3, GW3, SubNuc and that Phase Shift to get it out of trouble - I wouldn't even begin to know how to fight it if I was facing one
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