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01-21-2013, 08:56 PM
Originally Posted by loverofwars View Post
if no fleet version in a month or 2 i'll take the c store one and give it a good ride it looks seriously awesome to fly i seen one today in a stf the frigates while shooting and flying past a target at such speed really looks like something fun to enjoy using
You'll likely need to own the C-Store version to be able to pick up the Fer'jai frigates and S'Kul fighters, and Fleet ships don't come with the special console. So, it'd be handy to have the C-Store version as well, and it should get you the fleet module discount like the B'Rel and Varanus.

With all the new stuff out, it should be possible to get more tank out of it. With the Adapted KHG Resilient Shields it should be a lot better off with it's high escort-class hull than the older KHG Covariant Shields. Plop in a -Threat console with hull repair proc and you'd get less aggro yourself in PvE, and a hull-heal proc for when you do.

I haven't brought out my Kar'fi in a while, but I've been thinking mounting the new S7 stuff to it on my second KDF (Tac). Unfortunately, that character has barely touched the Rep system (leveling other chars through it, but almost done) and my main KDF has the expensive Advanced hangars and they're character bound.

The only issue I really had is that it's a bit slow to use DHCs in PvE outside of STFs, and I rather like DHCs. If you have the Lobi for a Tachokinetic Converter, one of those plopped into a Sci spot might bring it up enough to be fun, without having to use one of only two Engineering spots for RCS consoles.