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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
What BoP are you referring to the starter ship if so wait a few lvls if not if this is the B'rel the strenght is fine just get to know to use it.the ship for a Kdf tac is a Raptor.
I am going to say this, taking a BoP into a STF is a risk for two reasons.

First, you gain nothing because STFs favor DPS and a BoP battlecloak is about as useful as a cloak, you use it for the initial Alpha but if you disengage and cloak you might as well just disengage since Borg ships take a long time to catch up with you.

Also you do less DPS that a escort due to the 4/2 layout.

Second, on Elite the Borg hit HARD and true enough escorts can be oneshooted (even cruisers) but BoPs have really problems because they pay for their battlecloak with their hull and shield modifier so there is definitely some serious drawbacks because how STFs favor DPS and sustainable DPS at that because of of the massive inflated hulls on pretty much every ship in there.

So you might as well get a battlecruiser to do then, the advice on the Qin is because ... well its cheap really and its a escort, it have more hull, more weapons and a cloak as the Fleet Vorcha is pretty much the best KDF battlecruiser and its not as if STFs have fast moving targets either, the most maneuverable ship is the Borg Assimilated Raptor that will only go after you in Cure in some specific situations.