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01-22-2013, 12:23 AM
I think maybe tricobalt torpedoes could be allowed back in. Or are there any known major problems with them?

Regarding vet boffs: The reason they are still in is that they are essentially humans (i.e. leadership trait) which are currently allowed and their second space trait doesn't seem to be that powerful, even when you have 5 of them. (I personally never bothered to spend vet tokens beyond one boff for testing purposes. I still have several unused fed and kdf tokens.)

Another reason to keep boff race restrictions to a minimum: Players have only a very limited amount of space for these and it's not easy to transfer a boff to a different character on the same account (you always need a second player to help) to make room for other boffs.

And whoever claims that these rules favour some fleets: I don't think anyone really knows whether all these restrictions will end up favouring damage or healing until some matches with this ruleset have actually been played. If you have sound arguments why one should expect one extreme or the other, then please share them, so that they can be taken into account.