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01-22-2013, 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by orondis View Post
One of the main reasons I almost never do FvK as a Fed nowadays is due to how bad Fed pugs are. The KDF standard of pug is just so much higher.

For starters when a RP KDF player picks his fav ship that's closest to how his favourite Trek portrayed Klinks, chances are it's a high damage dealer. Meanwhile when a Fed player picks similarly, chances are it's a cruiser that they'll try to turn into a DPS dealer. End result is a team of heavy damage dealers vs no-threat lumbering targets.

Next is the fact that the KDF pugs in FvK are just more skilled on average. This is hardly surprising as the more experienced Fed PvPers have just been scared off by all the KDF cheese.

I still play FvK a lot, but only on my Klink. To be honest it's rather boring how easy it is.
I would repeat myslef, but I can say: it's exactly the opposite on lower levels. Since I started to level my toon on F2P account, in all the matches I played I was on the loosing side maybe once. In C&H. All Arenas I played in FvK (not many, that's true) ended with Feds either roflstomping Klinks, or, in few cases in something like 15:8-15:12. With Feds winning. Fed players were cooperating, healing itself etc. Even if I met someone who was plain newb they were usually listening to advises and observing the battlefield and what works and what not and adapting.

In Ker'rat it's even worse for Klingon side. I saw two(!) Klinks that were able to hold their own, and no Klinks able to properly team. Contrary to the Feds that were simply doing the Klinks job and ganking opposition. It was quite hilarous to see those Klinks running for their lives with Fed gank on their six blowing them again and again each time they decloaked and tried to attack or scan the Borg.

I also noticed something more: on lower levels in Ker'rat Feds are actually cooperating both in PvP and PvE part. Seeing the Fed ball rolling over Borg, cross healing and concentrating fire (and as one turning against Klinks if they start to do something stupid) was a "WTF, it cannot be true" moment for me.

I just wonder how many of those players will stay in PvP once they hit VA and the land of broken consoles, reputation system etc that they yet have to get. And players that were in this game for years.

Not many I fear.