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01-22-2013, 01:17 AM
I have been fairly active in RP on here since I joined. I always RP in the "local" chat as not everyone monitors Local closely. If there are many Non-RP'rs around we use TEAM or a channel specifically set up.

I know folks who have RP'd the loss of characters or ships, death and loss is an established part of the Star Trek Lore. Which brings me to Marie's Rules Of RP (or how not to annoy Marie

1) Know your lore. Few things annoy me more than someone RPing as the Over Powered Glory Seeking Prince From The Tiny Enclave On The Far Edge Of Space Who Demanded His Very Own Galaxy Class Ship As Tribute. Or folks who come in and start RPing that they are in the Mass Effect universe... Or whinging that there is no Independent/Rogue faction...

It's Star Trek. There is plenty of lore out there to work with. Don't come into an RP setting without at least a working knowledge of the franchise.
This leads to point #2.

2) Starfleet is the Federation Army/Navy/Airforce/Coast Guard. While primarily tasked with PEACEFUL EXPLORATION of space and beyond, we are at war. Have been for quite awhile according to the in-game lore. What may have been acceptable during peace-time is not going to cut it now. That said, not everyone needs to be macho-grande-supreme or someone who's John Wayne'd all the "Indians" into submisison....

...However RPing as as some whiny emo brat who is crying in a bar because people are mean to him/her isn't going to cut it! You would have never survived boot with that attitude let alone reached this stage in your career. ESPECIALLY during war-time!

3) Flag Officers: Repeat after me: Admirals DO NOT drink in dive bars and complain about classified projects that they are working on. Flag Officers either go to bars set aside for them and others of their rank, or they attend private functions. In real life I would have been shocked and likely to call the MPs if a Rear Admiral was spotted at Delmars off base.... it's just not done. Not everyone RPs at flag rank but I've seen enough folks who do who ignore or are oblivious to what a flag officer really is. This brings me to Point #4.

4) THERE ARE OTHER SOCIAL ZONES BESIDES THE BARS. I cut back on my RPing because most of the folks I was hanging with want to RP at the bar, over drinks. I am social enough that I can do that in real life should I so desire... I do NOT need to RP it. Also, there are social zones on Andor, Vulcan, Risa, and a few other station locations besides DS9. Starbase 39 is very under used, as is K7. The Captains Table sits empty most days.


An entire blog could be written with RP ideas set within existing game assets... in fact I may just do that.
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