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01-22-2013, 01:33 AM
PvP has been dead for a long time now. They wont be fixing this game for PvP. I think 3 years is obviously long enough to convince players except for the people with physiological withdrawal symptoms that things will not change.

My best advice for anyone trying to PvP for the first time in this game is to " not to " pvp. Try a different game because you will be disappointed. Don't make the same mistake many players did in the past.

I used to be hardcore pvper, ran with many teams, did a lot of matches in my time. I grew tired of the constant problems, false promises, constant politics and etc.

I don't play this game anymore. I play a different MMO and I am really enjoying the pvp in that game. Really well balanced and the company listens to it's consumers so I'm EXTREMELY pleased. I wish I could tell you all the game but it violates the forums rule.

Troll my post, act in denial, I don't care because this is an honest assessment of how I feel about this game. It's a shame that it was never meant to be. Here's to the future to whoever develops a good star trek game because this one is certainly the hell not.

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