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Originally Posted by psiameese View Post
Great blog and a nice introduction to the concept of roleplay on the Holodeck shard.

When the game blows up my starship, I just assumed it was disabled and ignored by my adversary long enough for my heroic crew to restore systems. Or maybe we were towed from the battlefield? Maybe no one died at all. Or maybe a Bridge officer died when the player chose to replace them with a better quality mission reward? What's nice about roleplay is that the possibilities are endless.
Or retreating by Cloaking... only to return and Strike Back! Well said Psia! Each and every character i've made has a story (Bio), and some of my BOffs do as well! My main char is also my 1st Trek-persona, which grew out of my trek-related gaming, hobby of building model ships and my early convention experiences--way back in 1986! Thus far 3 of my Captains and at least 2 or 3 BOffs are his sons.

Also i've taking to using BOffs as plot threads, weaving together my 'prime' and cross-continuity chars with the greater fabric of STO's metaplot/metastory....
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