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01-22-2013, 03:21 AM
Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
What.... Are you serious?

You're joking right?

I mean seriously?

And the issue with the vet boffs I think is more of a "how do you police something that you can't see" issue then anything else.

But dude... Seriously!?
In case you missed the allusion:

That is exactly how I felt when last week when made the same allegations regarding another tournament...

Originally Posted by mancom View Post
And whoever claims that these rules favour some fleets: [...] If you have sound arguments why one should expect one extreme or the other, then please share them, so that they can be taken into account.
Aha. I like you Hilbert, but I wished you spoke up a week ago for this other... well, lets leave it at that...

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