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# 1 Species reselct token.
01-22-2013, 02:26 AM
In the recent "Ask Cryptic" the subject of species reselect was brought up again.

Q: (keeny75) Will / Can there be a way to change the species that we are? When I first joined STO I opted for human than later on you released playable Caitian faction in the c-store. I would love to be a Caitian but I don't want to start again from scratch to do it.
Dstahl: Now that we are working on a way to respec your traits, this is one option we are considering, but we haven't made a final decision. We generally aren't looking for players to be able to swap their species back and forth as easily as a respec, but we do appreciate that some players may have made a decision that they would like to change. Once we get the Trait respec in game, we will make a call on whether we will open up this option. If there are others that feel strongly about this, it would be good to see some of opinions in the forums.

My question is. How much more feedback is required? This is something that's been requested since beta. There have been many posts and threads over the years asking for this. A brief search through the forums turned up SEVEN of these threads and posts.

The topic also gets covered in this episode of TIE

It's a feature that other MMOs have and this one could benefit from. From a commercial standpoint alone it has the potential for a lot of revenue. There are people who want to be Caitians but don't want to start from scratch, so they've chosen against buying the species. The same thing goes for the other C-store species. There are even people who have opted out of buying lifetime subs because their motivation would be to make a Liberated Borg but they don't want to level from scratch. If these tokens became available not only would these people buy the tokens but they would also buy the species they've been wanting to be. There are also the obvious players who have had a character for ages and have grown tired of the species they chose or disillusioned w/ the racial traits it provided.

WoW was also reluctant to allow this option. Eventually they added the option as a $25 transaction. Every 3 days a player can pay their $25 and change their species and BELIEVE me, there ARE people who change races at the drop of a hat. Again, this is something that has been pointed out in the past in other threads about the same topic.

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