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Originally Posted by commandodan2001 View Post
Pre-order items need left out, period.
"period" is not a particularly strong argument. Maybe you could elaborate on why you want them excluded?

The Neodymium Deflector Dish will probably not see much use (and who has it anyway?) since there are deflectors with +Hull/Shields that are probably overall better than +8 Aux and crappy Mk I stats.
The Automated Defense Turret and the Light Phaser Satellite Turret are tactical consoles, which deters most players from slotting them. And they are fairly useless (unless the enemy is going for a tricobalt bomber strategy).
The Radiometric Converter - well, I personally know only one player (Kai) who owns that.
The Red Matter Capacitor is probably the strongest of the items. My first draft of the rules had this item as not allowed, but apparently the players who met for the rules discussion decided to change that (before I arrived late on TS). Perhaps one of them could explain what led to this decision?

Overall I think of the inclusion of the preorder items as a nod to the good old times. So far I can't really see any major balance implications, but maybe you can provide a different perspective.

Originally Posted by commandodan2001 View Post
Vet Boffs also, but that's nearly impossible to enforce.
I have already mentioned that I personally don't consider the Vet Boffs to be particularly powerful and still have unused vet doff requisition tokens because I never felt it necessary to build a full crew with them.
I think we are talking about something like +0.5% crth, +6% crtd, +2.5% acc for a full crew of 5. (Numbers are off the top of my head, please correct me if they are significantly off.) Considering the difficulties of having a full boff roster and moving boffs between characters on the same account to make room for plain boffs, I don't think that these are problematic enough to ban them. Are they even truly better than a full efficient crew?
Again, please elaborate if there is an aspect that I'm missing.

(And note that they still might get banned if it turns out that leadership is too powerful and hence human boffs would need to be removed altogether.)

Something else:
The big factor is the reputation system. Players who have T2/4 passives will be at a noticeable advantage over players who have not levelled their reputation. And since a classic tournament by design is also aimed at getting old players back into the game, this will put them at a disadvantage that is much bigger than anything from vet boffs or a rmc.

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