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Originally Posted by sarvour0 View Post
Or retreating by Cloaking... only to return and Strike Back! Well said Psia! [...]
My willing suspension of disbelief fails me at that point, though. I see very explicit explosions on my screen. I wish I wouldn't.

I wish the game's space death mechanic did allow for disabling of ships in general, ob both sides, player and NPC alike.

Doing starbase 234 (in Tau Dewa sector) on the Federation side gives you an impression how this could be done. After the fight, you have lots of disabled wrecks floating around, impressively showing the scale of your victory...

Now imagine it was this way everywhere, and with player ships, too... using a similar revive/respawn mechanic as is used on the ground (though possibly with an additional "revive automatically" timer?)... that would be awesome to support space role-playing.
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