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In this episode you uses a Mk VI Regenerative Shield Array with bonuses to regeneration and plasma resistance. The Klingons don't use plasma weapons, so that 2nd bonus was of no value.

The regenerative shield is weaker that the other types, but regenerates faster, especially with that extra regen bonus. It can be quite effective IF you're actively managing it. This shield type isn't good if you leave it on it's own. [NOTE: what I say below goes for all shields, but regeneratives need it the most.]

You have four shield facings, and each regenerates separately. You've only been using the regenerative powers of the facings being hit, and let the other facings sit idle. What you should do is constantly move strength from the facings not being hit into those that are. This lets you take advantage of the maximum regeneration of you shield, with all four facings working at full capacity.

Both you and your tactical officer can do this. F'irr has a power called Tactical Team, which automatically balances the shield strength for 10 seconds. However, you can't always use it. Tactical team, engineering team, and science team all share a cooldown. Trigger one, and you must wait before using another.

You can balance the shields manually. There's the icon on your screen which shows your ship and the shield facings around it. Each facing has an arrow you can click on to reinforce it. You can also click on the ship itself, to balance the shield facings equally. But instead of moving your mouse aroung the screen, it's better to assign slots in your power bar to these functions, as Brent Justice showed you in his video. This lets you rebalance by just pressing a key.

In the early days of the game, weapons couldn't autofire. Players would tie both the weapons and the shield balance function to the space bar. Every time they fired their weapons they also balanced their shields. Some still do this.