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# 15 Your shields, part II
01-22-2013, 05:43 AM
You have other ways to improve shield regeneration. Your science officer has the power Transfer Shield Strength, which gives a bonus to shield regeneration. Your engineer has Emergency Power to Shields, which also improves regeneration by giving the shields more energy.

You can also put shield batteries in one of your ship'd device slots, then assign a key in your power bar to the battery. This gives a bonus of 70 points of energy to your shield, for a limited time.

For passive shield regeneration bonuses, I'd recommend you replace your tachyon deflector array and flow capacitor science console. These are used for boosting science officer attacks, which you have no ability to make. It's a matter of bridge officer space: only science ships have enough science BOFF slots to use both offensive and defensive powers. As long as you're driving cruisers, science slots are limited. The Exploration Cruiser is above average in having two science officer positions, yet between them they have only three powers, and two of those are ensign level. You're better off filling them with defensive abilities.

You want to get the positron deflector array. It gives bonuses to both shields and structural integrity.

Try to get a science console called the Shield Emitter Amplifier. It gives a bonus to your regeneration rate. Look on the exchange, and you'll see they're quite expensive. That's because everyone who's been around for awhile is carrying at least one. There's another science console called an Emitter Array, which gives a boost to your shield heals. It's also worth looking at.

When you can use Mk XI equipment, you'll want to look at the Field Generator console. This gives a bonus to total shield strength. It's best to make your own, because they currently sell for 1.6 million + EC on the exchange.