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Originally Posted by svwilson View Post
I'm new to Foundry and have ambitions that outstrip my knowledge (and likely my talent as well). I've been unable to find these items, and I'm hoping that someone can tell me:

1. Is there a "inactive holodeck room" map? You know, the black walls with the white gridlines?

2. Is the Crystalline Entity available on a space map?

3. Can I fly the player's ship close to a star? Not dangerously close, and not necessarily as close as you can get to a planet, but I want it to seem really bright, and hopefully light up the surface of the ship and any nearby floating rocks.

3. Failing that, I'd like to have a floating gateway whose "other side" is close to a star, so from this side we see the glaring brightness. (Even better, when we're beside the gate, we can see the beams shining through).

1. There is actually a holodeck asset you can place on any ground map. I've never used it personally but it's designed that way so that you can have the holodeck fade in/out.

2. Not that I know of.

3. There's a trick I used to do which involved a gas giant with the "sun" light on the opposite side behind the player. The light causes the bloom effect to make the planet seem to glow. Unfortunatly, with Sn 7 the lighting broke and only the default light works right now. You may still be able to get it to work if you can figure out which direction the default light is coming from. A few Nebulae placed around the planet may add to the effect.

4. There are a number of portal effects, but I'm not sure if any of them have the look you want.