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A few things. First off, the sole example where a galaxy shoots laser beams out of it's torp launcher (Darmok) is a giant error. The vfx crew screwed the pooch big time there.
Yet it would still be reasonable that EVERY starship be equiped with a basic firing photon launcher, integrated into the ship, same goes for some other basic things like tractor beams. Turning those weaksauce things more potent by using boffs (high yield targeting from an experience tac officer) ( trator repulsors or better holding from experience spock ) would be entirely plausible.

Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
The Akira carried fifteen torpedo launchers on top of respectable phaser batteries. Game balance trumps canon when it comes to ship weapon loadouts.
And the Nemesis Shinzon Scimitar had 52 disruptors & 27 Photon launchers, we dont see it in game, but arent those ships supposed to be attacked by a group anyway ?
Cool & sensible are often mutually exclusive unfortunatly, gotta grant u that

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Consoles exploded when somebody sneezed. The concept is one of energy transfer, specifically kinetic shock from the shields absorbing a hit transferring a reduced amount of energy to the shield systems or hull. Also, that mechanic already exists in-game. It's called bleedthrough.
Bleedthrough is the shockwave damage of a massive explosion caused by the torps hitting shields , as long as the shields are there it remains plausible.

Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
NPCs already have this mechanic to a degree (NPC torps do a vastly larger amount of damage to shields than player torpedoes do) and we've seen how bad an idea it is. Do you really want player ships one-shotting shields with the first torpedo in an HYT3 salvo?
If the shields were weak to begin with, a proper critting THY3 shot with enough damage, yes ... that would blow off the whole shield-facing, and then transfer alot of leftover explosive shockwave damage to the ship, yes ... entirely plausible.

What is more apropriate , why should every ship be capable of using every torpedo.
Why are the crititical modifiers even in effect on shields ???
Normally a critical hit in an rpg like enviroment is alike to bullet severing a muscle, rendering the arm/leg severely damaged, thus transfering the term to space combat it would mean a direct hit taking out a crucial ship-system, which are all over the ship, but not on the outside of a shield

Direct hit on the shield, giving off full base-damage to said shield = plausible
Critical hit on a shield, giving magic damage to internal ship systems on the other side of the shield , that seems like one even Adam & Jamie wouldn't put on their show. (ok, maybee Grant would).......

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