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Have to admit, that's probably my favorite Borg episode, and agree with the above comment that it made the Borg scary again, rather than Janeway's punchbag. If anything, I think it was probably scarier for the audience, than it was 'in universe', because as the audience, we know exactly what the Borg are capable of. As far as Archer and the Happy Gang were concerned, this was just a bunch of gimped-up Tarkaleans to overcome, with no knowledge of what they were actually dealing with, and they were only able to deal with the drones they encountered as they were partially assimilated, and because the ship was being modified, not a regular cube. Had the NX-01 come up against a fully crewed cube, it would have been in serious trouble.
I agree. They only had to deal with a few hastily modified individuals and a small retrofitted transport. Though they did have Borg adaptive shields....

Yeah, Phlox's treatment did nothing but disable the nanites.... on a fully assimilated individual it wouldn't work.

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