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Originally Posted by jivedutch View Post
If the shields were weak to begin with, a proper critting THY3 shot with enough damage, yes ... that would blow off the whole shield-facing, and then transfer alot of leftover explosive shockwave damage to the ship, yes ... entirely plausible.

What is more apropriate , why should every ship be capable of using every torpedo.
Why are the crititical modifiers even in effect on shields ???
Normally a critical hit in an rpg like enviroment is alike to bullet severing a muscle, rendering the arm/leg severely damaged, thus transfering the term to space combat it would mean a direct hit taking out a crucial ship-system, which are all over the ship, but not on the outside of a shield

Direct hit on the shield, giving off full base-damage to said shield = plausible
Critical hit on a shield, giving magic damage to internal ship systems on the other side of the shield , that seems like one even Adam & Jamie wouldn't put on their show. (ok, maybee Grant would).......

It's not a question of in-universe plausibility, but rather one of game balance. I don't think you quite understand how powerful player torpedo hits can be made in STO.