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01-22-2013, 07:06 AM
In regards to the notation made that Officers and Flag Rank Officers would not be at a typical bar, I would note that almost all of the places where player characters (who are all Officers or Flag) can walk around only consist of a single deck/restricted area.

In my own RP 'mechanics', this is because these areas are reserved for Commanding Officers, as a place where they can get away from the normal duties of dealing with their crews (who they see 90% of the time already...the actual time of a voyage on a ship tends to be many times what players spend on bases) and associate with their peers. In short, the 'Command Decks'. Other areas where players cannot go are reserved for 'Enlisted' and 'Non-Command' personnel to likewise give them a chance to avoid bumping into their superior Officers off-duty.

Another tangent option (one I personally enjoy) to that is that, with Starfleet and the KDF having fractured into hundreds of individual sub-fleets commanded by Officers who pretty much do what they want (STO seems alot like the Mirror Universe in this regards), the Regular Starfleet and KDF forces don't entirely trust the 'Reserve Fleets', and only allow them into specific, sealed-off areas on their worlds and stations. This option also explains the new Fleet starbases (and the colony on New Romulus) as attempts by the Fleets to find new homes where they and their crews can be apart from those who look on them with less than full acceptance (after all, how many Starfleet and KDF personnel really trust those ships who interact with the other side on a regular basis?).

So, there are options in how you look at things, as well as how you want to RP things out. Ultimately, it's up to the players to make the world they RP in.