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When I was involved with a "White Wolf" table-top rpg group, the first and up most important rule that existed was, "There are no rules for role-playing." Even though you need to know the lure of the franchise and game mechanics, the game master must keep an open mind for anything to happen. All table-top rpg rules books have a line that says, "Break the rules and use your creative expression." Its encouraged.

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3) Flag Officers: Repeat after me: Admirals DO NOT drink in dive bars and complain about classified projects that they are working on. Flag Officers either go to bars set aside for them and others of their rank, or they attend private functions. In real life I would have been shocked and likely to call the MPs if a Rear Admiral was spotted at Delmars off base.... it's just not done. Not everyone RPs at flag rank but I've seen enough folks who do who ignore or are oblivious to what a flag officer really is. This brings me to Point #4.
Do you know what is wrong with that type of mentality? Its too much within the box. After I obtained my M.A.C.O. armor the other day, I was toying around with an interesting character concept. Even though I may not get a chance to play out my idea, I still thought it was a great mental exercise to think about. As I was standing there within my new shinny armor, I pondered on the question, "What if I role played as a former Starfleet Admiral turned disenfranchised and into a bounty huntress?" We have the Maquis, right? Since "Star Trek: Online" has so many non-cannon concepts, why the hell not continue down that road? If Cryptic stuck to "Star Trek" lure, we would not have the stf armors. Heck, we would not have the regular armors.

Second, "Star Trek" is science-fiction. Although there are real life concepts, the majority of the concepts are inventive. Do you know 'for a fact' that a flying jellyfish exists? Have you seen a floating Abraham Lincoln flying through space? Is there an all knowing group of beings stuck in a wormhole in space? Unless you can prove that these concept actually exist, I think sticking to reality hinders everyone's creative expression. Don't you?

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