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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I'm not an RPer, mostly because I can't keep a straight face while doing so, and often diverge into things that I find amusing, usually only leading to the real RPers getting mad at me. But I have an appreciation for it. This is a good article/video, thanks for doing it.
Same here mostly. Tried it a few times and it was fun for a bit. But much props to the dedicated RPers, you guys are far cooler than me.

Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I'm curious, I often hear that STO isn't set up for RP, or doesn't support the RP community, but I never hear specifics. What are some things we (Cryptic) could be doing to support you guys better, without negatively impacting those who are not interested? Is there something specifically on the Environment side of things that I could keep in mind going forward? I'm always up for suggestions on other socialish places to include in maps besides bars/restaurants, but time/existing assets/lack of ideas often lead to more bars, etc.
Simple, allow us to make social zones in the Foundry. That way the RP community can build whatever they want for sets and invite as many fellow RPers as they want.

For this you would have to allow us to invite as many people as we want to a map (obviously the current limit is 5). Perhaps it could be an option in the Foundry to set a map as a "social zone" in which the limit is raised. And to avoid abuse, setting a map as a social zone automatically disqualifies it for rewards.
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