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Lots of great info here, I'd just love to see some videos of your team(s) in action...
As far as PvE goes, if your team is constantly on the run, then yes FS would be worthless.
Although I'm not sure how worthwhile an EN kit is except to lay explosives (mines and C.Bomb) to impact mobs that follow you and I'm not sure it's worthwhile to stop to set them (isn't it better to just keep running?), which only leaves weapon malfunction and fuse armor to take out 2 enemies ahead?
Maybe I need to train a Tac Toon for missions like this.
However in standard missions where you have to encounter and defeat a group where you normally begin outnumbered...The Fab Spec Kit quickly evens up the odds, and if you deploy smartly the battle is usually over before you get a chance to shoot.
And I have no trouble with the Tholian Medium missions on Nukers acting as a one man army...the only time I die is when a cat jumps on my keyboard...note: I've found the dual pistols very effective against the Tholians (except Hard External)
in regards to some of the comments...
"It's range can draw aggro from mobs that a group isn't ready to handle yet"
the sweet thing is that the turrets, drones, AND MEDICAL GENERATOR all become the targets as you (and your away team) mow down the mobs. I love using the Med Gen as a target.
another comment referred to how long it takes to lay down everything...
I can usually deploy everything in less than 10 seconds including:
1-3 Phaser Turrets III .....FS kit
1-3 Quantum Mortar III.....FS kit
1 Medical Generator .....FS kit
1-3 Seeker Drones. ....FS kit
1-3 Support Drones ....Eng Ability
and with
2 Mirror soldiers ....Orb of Possibilities
1 Horta
1 Orbital Strike

= one man army
All of these are VERY effective during the Hard Tholian missions
and due to the effectiveness of turrets, I've changed out my away team from being 3 Tacs and 1 Eng and me to 2 Eng (trained with PTIII and ChrMines III), 1 Sci, 1 Tac and me, since the AI Tacs weren't very effective.