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No, I'm not joking.

And 'policing stuff you can't see' is a good point. Pre-order items need left out, period. Vet Boffs also, but that's nearly impossible to enforce. But the statement should be made. You can't allow a presumption of non-enforceability to prevent you from trying to make Classic PvP fairer. Stacking 5 gives an advantage, all else equal, and they were not native to the early versions of the game.

I've played since the tail end of beta; those of you who came in F2P and don't remember the game before then would do fine to stay out of the discussion.

I didn't apologize for anything, by the way. I would never. I think you misunderstand the hierarchy of things in my Fleet, to which, there is none. I don't speak on behalf of or for the Fleet; if someone goes off and makes posts that haven't been discussed round-table style and you guys think that's the party line, shame on you, you'll believe anything it looks like...
it was more the tone of the implications then anything else, also keep in mind this tourny is not being "endorsed" by crypitc like the failed one was.
im not personally holding anything against you or your fleet and think that since it was a cryptic "endorsed" event they should have taken a more active role in watching it.

but i digress.

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The Neodymium Deflector Dish will probably not see much use (and who has it anyway?) since there are deflectors with +Hull/Shields that are probably overall better than +8 Aux and crappy Mk I stats.
The Automated Defense Turret and the Light Phaser Satellite Turret are tactical consoles, which deters most players from slotting them. And they are fairly useless (unless the enemy is going for a tricobalt bomber strategy).
The Radiometric Converter - well, I personally know only one player (Kai) who owns that.
The Red Matter Capacitor is probably the strongest of the items. My first draft of the rules had this item as not allowed, but apparently the players who met for the rules discussion decided to change that (before I arrived late on TS). Perhaps one of them could explain what led to this decision?

Overall I think of the inclusion of the preorder items as a nod to the good old times. So far I can't really see any major balance implications, but maybe you can provide a different perspective.

i have all those but the neodymium dish (stupid scy fy crap -_-)

the auto defense turret has always been handy on non tac builds. its also what has kept me alive (mostly) through the tric mine bombers attacks.

the radio metric converter i think has been broken since the maco set came out. it has not given me a single power proc since i got my maco shields. i dont know if maybe theres a "no power stacking" code or something but it needs to be fixed because i miss it.

the red matter capacitor.. well im indefferent on this. i can either make do with or without.
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?