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01-22-2013, 08:50 AM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
just a thought: less maps more stuff to do there.

if you make 2000 space maps where you fly in a circle to scan 5 clickies and warp out, that is quantity over quality and things like planet textures get re-used frequently, because it doesn't really matter anyway.

Instead Planets that you re-visit a lot, like say New Romulus or Defera in multiple Questlines for multiple reasons, results in quality over quantity.
Agreed. And when/where we can, we will. The 2000 space maps were randomly generated for launch, when we only had a year and half to fill a galaxy. Now, if/when we have the time to address certain key locations, we will make new textures for them.

Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
and what would i give to have tech like this in STO
imagine doing that with a Runabout... or X-Wing... or Viper...

add a persistent universe, and Foundry style tools to populate this stuff with content + some canon via a Planetary Wiki (so we don't end up having 500 different species living on the same Planet).

*dream* maybe in Star Trek Online 2?
This tech constantly gets brought up. It's amazing no doubt. However, the person responsible for that tech has been working on it for years, and while he has made some cool videos, there is NOTHING playable there. There are no objects, there are no buildings, there are no plants. There is nothing to do. There is no game. Let alone an MMO surrounding it. I'm sure game tech will get to that point in the future, but we are no where near that now.

Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
But really... wouldn't it be possible to just put 4, 9 or 16 2048x2048 textures on one "sphere" to increase resolution? (not that i think it would be necessary, but if your engine can not handle bigger textures, then just split up the picture into more texture files and puzzle them together while placing them?....)

*still wants to know why the texture slider in video options goes to 200% if it is not used*
This is a phenomenally bad idea. I mean no offense, but when restrictions are put in place, walking around them usually does not lead to happy places. If we used 16 2048's on one object, not only would everyone that looked at that object have to load all 16 2048's (16 mb a piece = 256 mb, or 1/4-1/8 of a decent video card's entire memory), but each of those 16 would have to be a separate material, and each new material is drawn in a separate pass, so now 1 object has to be drawn 16 times.

People regularly chide us for limiting textures to 2048, but it's done for a reason. We are an MMO, everything we make has to be shoved through magic tubes to get to you. The smaller we can make it the better, and as much as we (artists) may want giant textures and huge triangle counts, it's bad for most of our users, and bad for business.

I have no idea about the texture slider in options.

Originally Posted by kagasensei View Post
Again: I simply wanted to point out to totally inappropriate planet textures (VAST city lights representing a tiny colony etc.). That would be an issue which could be improved so easily thereby getting rid of a major immersion-killer.


Some examples of such incorrectly textured planets in STO:

* H'atoria: 3.2 million inhabitants --> The WHOLE planet is covered with city lights and looks like Coruscant.
* Narendra III: 47,000 inhabitants --> Half the planet is covered in city lights.
* Bhea: Although it's mentioned that the planet's terraformation was rejected, it is still covered with gigantic cities.
* Una: 256,000 colonists --> continent-wide cities...
* Reimers: 670,000 colonists --> A good third of the planet is covered by city lights.

So noted. I agree, more care could be taken in picking planet textures, and I'll mention it to the team. Thanks for the list, I'll keep it in mind when we have some time.
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