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Hi guys,

Love this game, the new additions, stories etc.

I would like to suggest that at this stage of the game, what with multiple lockboxes & the like, in many Captains cargo holds, that it be made possible to transfer a limited number of 'reward' packs, Lobi crystals, between ones own account Captains.(I currently run 5 Captains @ Vice Admiral/General). This would not only facilitate the aforementioned cargo into service in a lot of cases, as they will otherwise lay idle indefinately, but would allow captains to add doffs & Lobi to a captain in need so to speak, instead of trying to sell these items via the exchange at extortionate prices, or putting them on the exchange in the hope of logging out of 1 captain & into another to try to grab the item ones self, before it disappears. Lobis cannot be sold, so the ability to transfer to another character would be advantageous, as, I, for instance could then access & add to my lobis in another account, via say a special in game 'drop box', & facilitate the purchace of items in the consortiums warehouse much quicker, stimulating greater interest in the available items, as the crystals can be built up quicker when lockboxes are opened. I suggest that this dropbox/transfer facility be worth say, 50Zen or equivelent, per transfer. That way it is of benefit all round.
Thanks for listening. Keep up the great works, despite the moaners!! lol