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01-22-2013, 10:09 AM
Couple of wishes:

1.) Benzite BOff
2.) Liberated Borg BOff - ordinary version (not the ENG or SCI special ones)
3.) Now with multiple versions of the Android as reward available, I want to have the other 2 versions also, and not beeing limited to only one 700 Day Veteran version. (DIL Store or somehow else..)

Character and BOff creation/Tailor:

1.) Human or almost Human like races: different pre-created ethnic races (Caucasion, Asian,..)
and pre-created standardized heads. Nothing angers me more than clicking on the random button and getting a head for a Bajoran or Human that looks like a roadkilled Alien.
2.) Serial Numbers for the Crew, like: Captain Ruse Lon; SC-471-745 or anything else.
3.) This is maybe just a thing that disturbes me, but when I switch the first name and the surname so that the surname appears first, it should be like this for example: Decker"," Matt or Yar"," Tasha and so on and not just Decker Matt or Yar Tasha. I know it is just a cosmetic thing..


A Fleet saves Fleet option: There must be some dozens of inactive Fleets out there. I would suggest an option, where a dying Fleet can start a partnership with an other active Fleet (with at least .. lets say 200 members) to transfer their members and some resources over to the active Fleet.

1.) The whole Omega/Maco/KHG/Romulan Reputation System beeing included into the Fleet Tier System. With adapted requierements.

2.) The Dauntless !!

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