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01-22-2013, 09:13 AM
Thats why the main problem with torps is they dont do proper damage to shields, they do silly damage to shields.

1: Torpedoes should never ever Crit on shields ... EVER ... its a shield, it keeps the buffer between the CRITICAL systems ... it is not such by itself, it is a buffer.

2: Torpedoes should do normal explosive damage to said shields, the shields blow up the torp, so they blow up the entire torp for the entire dmg just like hitting hull would, not this cheesy 10% dmg to shields they do now.

3: Bleedthrough concussive damage of 10% , its a number, nothing more, they made up 10%, could have been 25 ... it all depends on how far the forcefield would be projected from the ship (thus makes more sense for big ships to have a bigger bufferzone then small ones) to how much that "should" be.

4: My Omega & Hyperflux torpedoes toasting jemmies in (pug) arena's say i got a fair idea on how to fly my Armitage with torps and be made a priority target of fairly quickly.

so yes, a shield can be made powerfull, a torp to the hull should be able to crit, a barely-existing shield should not make a torp fizzle to uselessness, and restricing the fire-arc for torps is just a plot-device.

there are some problems with how the game is currently balanced, and some of the fixes are fairly easy to do if they would take a serious look at them and not stick lockstep into keeping old bugs around for fear of making ppl change their playstyle.

Why wouldnt torps on a cruiser have a much wider shooting angle then on very small escorts that have barely room to put the systems in to start with.

Then again, my Peg has disruptor turret coming out of its back & belly that are bigger than the ship itself ... go figure......