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I'm not an RPer, mostly because I can't keep a straight face while doing so, and often diverge into things that I find amusing, usually only leading to the real RPers getting mad at me. But I have an appreciation for it. This is a good article/video, thanks for doing it.

I'm curious, I often hear that STO isn't set up for RP, or doesn't support the RP community, but I never hear specifics. What are some things we (Cryptic) could be doing to support you guys better, without negatively impacting those who are not interested? Is there something specifically on the Environment side of things that I could keep in mind going forward? I'm always up for suggestions on other socialish places to include in maps besides bars/restaurants, but time/existing assets/lack of ideas often lead to more bars, etc.
One of the main problems that exist for role players is the heavy use of instancing. All of the quests in the game take place in an individual's own private instance. Compared to games like Star Wars Galaxies, Knights of the Old Republic & World of ******** which allow for open world exploration and questing, STO locks the individual player away. Role play may be taking place on Deep Space Nine, but what instance of Deep Space Nine? Static locations can be difficult to pin down with all of the various instances.

Another way to help the RP community would be, as was mentioned previously, up the group limits on Foundry Missions. Yes, the traditional Star Trek away team or landing party usually consisted of 5 people, but as a multi-player game, STO started out by trying very hard to be a single player game with multi-player elements. Surely you folks have seen that, or else you wouldn't have added the group content with Season 6.

Granted, we've found ways to work around some of these issues, but life for the average RP Fleet would be a lot easier if the concerns highlighted above were examined. The easier it is for us to maintain our fleets and manage quality role play, the easier it is for us to recruit role players from other games. Keep in mind, Role-players usually just love to role play. Sure, we all have our favorite genres, but you folks have access to the largest Scifi franchise in history. Not even BioWare/EA can make that claim.

The first question role players ask when a new MMO launches, is "How easy will it be to role play in this game?" With the advent of social-media and modern clan websites, communities forged in other games remain interchanged. Good press for Fleets is good press for Star Trek Online. If you folks manage to help us, we can quite possibly help you in return, just by doing what we love to do. Role Playing.

As a side note, I'd also like to thank the folks over at The Trust, for writing an excellent article. Thank you!
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