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01-22-2013, 10:03 AM
My best advice for anyone trying to PvP for the first time in this game is to " not to " pvp.
Well, each time I read one of Thissler threads, or discussion about how this from rep, that from mines, of this other DOFF is broken, OP, unbalanced... I kinda understood you. And I fear the day when my RA gets to VA level.

I fear it because I play new character on new, F2P account. I fear because I do not have lots of time to play (some experience, but noobish still). I fear it because I have no will to play PvE outside of what I need to level up (as leveling with PvP is impossible) so I won't grind all those fleet stuff, all the bonuses from reputation system. I can throw a little money for a ship I like or two but... with all what I read about I think it is not worth it.

I fear that, after first few VA Arenas or Ker'rat matches, after being tricced, placated, DOFFed to death I will find this unfunny enough and leave the game. Waiting for season 8 that's for PvP, then season 9 that will be for sure for PvP then...

I love STO space combat engine. I really, really love PvP. Both C&H, Arenas and hunting Klinks that are unused to Feds using them as target practice. But each time I visit PvP forums...

As I said - I understand you. And I hope I wont follow after I reach VA. I really, really hope that flying some cheap ship with no intention to grind outside of hours in Ker'rat and waiting for Arenas will make me fun.

Hope dies last, huh?

Frack, should not write after getting home from work. Got all sentimental