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01-22-2013, 11:32 AM
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they should activate it once you enter the gas but honestly you can give them omega maco KGH sets they dont use the intergrated remod ever..if you give them fractural remods they are slow to use them normal remods from replicator and they still shoot while adapted then eventually remodulate they just arent too (i cant think of a good way to describe nor a bad way to describe either) for a bit of fun give them party poppers and watch them try to kill with fireworks brings a smile to your face sometimes
Actually, I think they learned to use set bonuses. My XO at least uses the 2-piece Omega bonus, since she doesn't have her own stealth power (and the Portable Shrouds are kept out of my away teams' hands so that they're there when I need them) yet I occasionally notice her activating a cloak.