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01-22-2013, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by ltdansot View Post
I hope this isn't the wrong place for this. I was looking for a Fleet database/compendium with various attributes but I didn't find one.

I have only been playing a couple of weeks but I'm hooked. I have two level 20 characters, one uses a Cruiser and one an Escort.

I seek a large well established and active Fleet that doesn't mind helping a noob and his friend. I am over 18 as is he. We both have a lot of free time and can meet fleet schedules. I enjoy PvP but he does not if that makes a difference.

Welcome to the game, and glad you're enjoying it!

There are many good fleets out there, and many different types of fleets. Ours (the Blacksheep) is a casual fleet with people that enjoy different types of play styles. Our members are good about helping each other out... all you usually need to do is shout out or post a question on our fleet forum and there's usually someone out there willing and able to help.

Here's a link to our recruiting post:

I'll also give you our fleet site URL, but it appears Enjin (our host) is down at the moment for maintenance, so if it doesn't come up you might want to check it a little later:

Again, welcome to the game!
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