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BranFlakes asked me to stop in and shed some light on the functionality and abilities of Tholians, so I thought I'd answer some of the questions that have already been raised. If you have any more, please feel free to ask them in this thread.

Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Do weak mobs summon Mirror Ships, is it only Battleships? Does this happen with ANY Tholian space contact?

It means that we can't even play the trick of boxing them in somehow to initiate a conversation, because they are always a hostile enemy group , they might pop this power on a player and suddenly there is a mirror enemy ship , where the author designed for their to be a conversation.

We cannot predict what an enemy mob of Tholians will bring to the party.
The Mirror Ships are only summoned by the Rifts that occasionally spawn from Tholian Warp Core Breeches. It's not an ability they can initiate on their own, nor is it something that happens with much frequency. It happens only upon the moment of their death.

Orb Weavers (Cruiser)have a 5% chance on death of summoning this rift
Recluse (Battleship) have a 15% chance
Tarantula (Dreadnought) have a 25% chance

Whenever the death of a Tholian ship causes an Interphasic Rift, Mirror Ships may be summoned. Each rift has 3 pulses, each of which will summon a maximum of one ship:

Pulse 1 = 60% Miranda, 30% a random Cruiser, 10% a random Sci Vessel
Pulse 2 = 70% no second ship, 15% a second Miranda, 10% a random Cruiser, 5% a random Escort
Pulse 3 = 70% no third ship, 15% a third Miranda, 10% a random Escort, 5% a Battleship

Every Mirror ship that is summoned is only 80% the level of the Tholian that caused them to spawn. So when fighting level 50 Tholians, the summoned critters should be around 40 or 41, and easily dispatched.

Since this ability only fires at the point of death, there is no Cooldown worth considering. (It's 1000 seconds, but you'll never see this since NPC corpses don't linger that long after death.)

Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Is a Tholian Battleship mob just as powerful as any other Battleship ? but with the ability to summon another powerful mob on the PCs ?
As you can see above, the Rift and subsequent summons have such a small % chance to occur, that it really isn't taken into consideration in the overall balance of Tholian critters. So, while your statement is accurate (Recluse Battleships are intended to be just as powerful as other critter Battleships), there is also a very small chance of things escalating upon the moment of their death. But even then, it's intended more as flavor, than as a primary tactic of the Tholian group as a whole.
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