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01-22-2013, 11:24 AM
At max level its pretty much 4300 dilithium with both sorties + the daily unless its been changed although I usually use doffing for dilithium purposes. I do agree with the OP though there should be a guest blog on it. I know in my experience though most players have a hard time understanding what has to be done. Alpha sortie is pretty self explanatory hit jam sensors and then kill the target before they get their communications back up or else optional fails. In a nutshell always disable all the freighters you can first, kill their escorts, then beam out their cargo and yer done and usually attack transports do it that way starting with the lead pack and then rear pack, and then escorts and you can get out with their cargo before they ever have a chance of getting the 2nd escort to help them. The other ones just disable freghter, use engine battery + evasive to the next one, and repeat till all are disabled, clean up escorts, beam out cargo, destroy the parts of the station, kill the escort, and for bonus get the 7th and 8th freighter.

Although kalferi system doesn't require you to do anything more than kill dry docked ships but freighters are up to the player to disable if they want.

Overall though there should be a blog on this for any new players wanting to experience the KDF for what little it has/worth.

Edit: If someone wanted me write a blog for this I would... Being that most of ppl who have done this as long as I have most likely have quit or just casually play kdf once in a blue moon now of days. Before there was dilithium I had acquired many kdf ships just by turning in emblems

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